Love your Louboutins? Mad about Manolos?...But hate the pain at the end of the night?

High Heel Rescue will revive & re-energize your feetso you can start and keep enjoying life in heels!!!

“My feet feel alive and reenergized!”“I love how my feet and legs feel after only a few minutes of exercise.”

Your feet will feel alive and your legs will feel lighter! The idea of sliding your feet into your favorite stilettos won’t be a nightmare anymore!

I have been working with Ilaria for several years now, and a lot of our work has been to undo the damage that a long night in sky-high heels does to my back, legs, and hips. Thus, I was thrilled to hear that she was going to begin sharing that knowledge with everyone — our foot-focused work together, and the work that is High Heel Rescue has improved the function of my entire body. My feet and calves cramp less, my back hurts less, and I always know that there’s High Heel Rescue waiting for me when I get home from a long night out in painful shoes!

Allison Williams